Unleashing Artistic Alchemy: Merging Human Imagination with AI Innovation


Mission statement

Infinite Alchemy is a Literary and Art magazine where human creativity and Artificial Intelligence converge.


The magazine is the culmination of many years researching and trying to grok the field of Artificial Intelligence, its use-cases and implications, combined with a long pursuit of creativity in many forms, primarily in writing.


The main aim of the magazine is to serve as a platform to discover, curate, and celebrate creatives and their work. In time, it hopes to provide financial rewards to artists and contribute to the creative landscape. 

As a secondary objective Infinite Alchemy hopes to help define, explore, and create discourse at the intersection of artistic expression and AI tools. It will show how the tools can be used to stretch the imagination and support creative output and productivity. It will do this in journalistic articles and essays, of which proposals can be submitted.


There will be a strong emphasis on how the writer or artist has brought elements together in an intriguing and compelling way, that expresses Truth or Beauty. In this way it is not just presentation of something that has been generated by an AI tool. It strives to go far past this. The magazine there will have a strong inclination towards narrative art, the expression of story that weaves personal experience, inspiration, and creative expression. 


For a detailed view of the magazine’s Aesthetic and Philosophical underpinnings read the Infinite Alchemy Manifesto.

See the submissions page to feature in Infinite Alchemy Magazine.